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Checklist before purchasing a 2nd hand car

December 23 2021
2nd hand cars demands are on the rise. Here is a checklist to go through when finding a reliable 2nd hand car. Read more

Tips To Help You Find The Right Mechanic

September 16 2021
It easy to get taken advantage of by unreliable mechanics. Here are some recommendations to help you pick the right one! Read more

Essential Car Maintenance Tips To Extend the Life of Your Vehicle

April 12 2021
Regular car care checks will keep your vehicle running for longer. Here are car maintenance tips you can do yourself. Read more

5 Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Radiator

November 02 2020
The radiator is an important part of your car’s engine. Your engine produces a lot of heat while in use, the radiator’s job is to keep the engine from overheating while running. If the radiator is not working properly, it could cause serious damage to your vehicle. There are some symptoms associated with a failing radiator that you might notice. Read more

Genuine, OEM and Aftermarket Parts: What you need to know

August 15 2019
Searching for the correct part for your car can be difficult and time consuming. So let’s break them down to give you a clearer idea of what means what. This way you can make an informed decision when purchasing your replacement auto parts. Read more

Preparing Your Car For Sale - Essential Tips

April 18 2019
Is it time to upgrade your vehicle? Sometimes, saying goodbye to your car can be hard and emotional, however, we can make it just that little bit easier for you. Here are some simple car tips to prepare your vehicle for sale so you can sell it fast with highest possible price. Read more

6 Ways To Save Money On Petrol

January 21 2019
Tired of spending too much money on petrol, insurance, tolls, or car maintenance? Owning a car is likely the most personal expenses and everyone is feeling this pain every day. In fact, there are a few ways which could save money on your vehicle, here are some handy saving tips to help! Read more

7 things to do when your car brakes fail

December 06 2018
A brake failure is a driver's worst nightmare. What should you do in such a situation? Read on right now! Read more

How to Service your Car Radiator Yourself?

December 03 2018
How to tell if your car radiator is damaged? And how to maintain it? Read more

6 Things to do for your Car this Summer

November 20 2018
Summer is fast approaching and we know temperatures can cross 45 degrees Celsius in New South Wales. When things get hot on road trips, you need to take special care of yourself, your family and your car too! Read more